Chauvet Professional Adds Elegance To Nottingham Contemporary Fundraiser

The Nottingham Contemporary has served as a shining beacon of modern art and education since opening its doors to the public in 2009. The art gallery performs a key social role through its work with schools, universities, community groups and outreach sessions.

Recently, the gallery held a fundraising gala for future exhibition and education programmes. Lending an elegant and stylish touch to the dinner, which included a tribute to contemporary American artist Glenn Ligon, was a lighting design anchored by eight Maverick MK2 Spots and eight Maverick MK1 Hybrids from Chauvet Professional.

The gallery specified the Chauvet Professional fixtures for The Space, a room within its interior that resembles a concrete bunker. Richly coloured and smooth even fields of light from the Maverick fixtures transformed the room into a warm and inviting space for the evening’s event.

“Working together, the Maverick spots and hybrids proved to be excellent tools for transforming what is essentially a minimal exhibition space into a warm, vibrant room,” commented Philippa Sharpe, Development Coordinator at the Nottingham Contemporary.

The Maverick Spot fixtures were hung from the ceiling of The Space to provide saturated colour spot lighting on various dinner tables, which created relaxed yet elegant looks. The Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures, which feature beam, spot and wash effects, were also positioned from ceiling truss. These fixtures provided added spot lighting between the tables of guests. They also lit the podium as a beam effect to lend visual support to the event’s speakers.

Thanks to the practicality and ease of installation of the Maverick fixtures, The Space was able to resume its regular art gallery role the very next day. What’s more, the gala itself was a huge success. “We’re so thankful that the fixtures performed flawlessly in creating a superb gala atmosphere,” concluded Sharpe. “As a result, we helped to ensure that the gallery will be able to maintain its role in the community in the future.”