Chauvet Light Naughty By Nature

Grammy-winning trio, Naughty By Nature, got the crowd on its feet with their rapid-fire rap, supported by a John Garberson-designed lightshow that featured 12 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Washes.

Supplied by Creative Backstage, the Chauvet Professional RGBW washes were used for down washing and side washing, as well as specials, during the high-energy performance. “We basically relied on the Rogues for all of our effect lighting,” said Garberson. “My assistant LDs Rita Assi and Jamie Rivera came up with some cool ways to get big production looks out of our relatively small rig.”

The Creative Backstage team flew 8 of the Rogue fixtures on downstage truss and 2 each on side truss to the left and right of the stage. “We were able to cover the artists in a range of vivid colours from multiple directions,” added Garberson. “This really set the performance area apart from the rest of the venue and contributed to a concert look. We also backwashed the artists, which created a nice effect.”

Taking advantage of their fixtures’ rapid pan and tilt movements, Garberson and his assistants created aerial washes to accent key points of Naughty By Nature’s performance. “Obviously, these are high energy artists, so you want your lighting to reflect that,” he said. “Of course, when you have a group with this passion, it’s easy to convey excitement.”

Balancing this on-stage excitement, the Creative Backstage team added a warm colourful glow to the room with a collection of Chauvet Professional DJ fixtures, arranging 11 COLORband PiX USB washes across the upstage deck to light the curtain behind the performers. “The colourised curtain gave us a nice backdrop to work against,” explained Garberson. “We got some nice looks working it off against the colours of the Rogues.

“We sprinkled the Freedom Pars around the room like colour candy,” concluded Garberson. “They worked as truss toners and as wall washes. Our goal was to make the room glow. This was a special event for people, giving them a chance to see legends like Naughty By Nature in an intimate setting. We wanted our lighting to support the sizzle of the group’s stage performance, while still creating a warm sense of engagement in the room.”