Chauvet Illuminates Pistoia Blues Festival

Providing a backdrop for Pistoia Blues Festival artist’s performances was a rig installed by Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental, which featured Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures.

“We used 16 Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spots and 20 Chauvet MK2 Washes from our warehouse in Aosta, Italy, in the main stage rig,” said Andrea Muzzin, the company’s video and lighting technician.

“The spot fixtures were hung 6 each on the upstage and midstage truss and 4 on the downstage truss; while the washes were hung 5 upstage, 7 midstage and 8 downstage.”

Aside from setting up the rig, the Fumasoli team ran the light shows for all the local bands, as well as for some of the headline acts.

Deploying the Maverick fixtures over the entire stage helped the design team create deeply saturated looks in a variety of colours that reflected the varying moods of the music. To keep the looks on stage fresh throughout the 5-day festival, they varied colours produced by the RGBW Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash and changed coverage areas by drawing on the fixture’s wide zoom range.

The Fumasoli team also used the high-output Chauvet Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures on their upstage, midstage and downstage truss positions to engage the crowd with audience lighting. Playing off nicely against the historic Piazza del Duomo buildings flanking the audience area, this outside-the-stage lighting had a transformative effect on those viewing the show from further back in the crowd.

“We put a lot of light on stage, which really made it glow in the square,” said Muzzin. “Set against the historic buildings of the plaza, this created a magical panorama – especially because of the saturated colours. The colour-mixing we got with Chauvet was impressive.”

This was Fumasoli Audio & Lights Rental’s first year as the main supplier for the festival, and the company invested a great deal of time in the preplanning process to ensure that its lighting blended well with the stage and its surroundings.

“Enrico Fumasoli, our company’s owner and the stage design project leader for the festival, worked hard to make sure all the pieces fit together for a great event,” said Muzzin.

“Our lighting designer Marco Di Febo also did an excellent job as did the entire team –Paolo “Red” Talami, Marco Zaffuto, Alessandro Borgis and Simone Pieraccini. We got a lot of compliments from the festival organizers and the visiting lighting designers.”