Chauvet Hosts Abandoman Lighting at Edinburgh Fringe

Chauvet hosts Abandoman lighting event at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

On 13 August 2018, Chauvet Professional will sponsor a behind the scenes tour of the Abandoman’s FOH and lighting rig, which includes Chauvet Professional Maverick MK Pyxis and Rogue R1 FX-B fixtures supplied by SLX.

Taking place at the Fringe Festival’s Underbelly at George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD, the open day event will also feature a lively chat with Abandoman’s Lighting Designer Robbie Butler, ALD’s Tom Wilkes, Underbelly’s head of lighting Cat Neufeld, and a special guest on the inspiration and techniques behind successful improvisational lighting.

Upon completion of the interview and subsequent tour, Wilkes will be donning his Chauvet Professional hat (he is the company’s UK South Pro Manager) and joining his Chauvet Professional colleagues Graham Baron and Rob Moore to host an open bar. Chauvet  Professional Open Day begins at 20:00, but guests are urged to arrive at 19:45 to secure good seating.

“We will be interviewing Robbie on stage for approximately 30 minutes before the backstage tour,” said Wilkes. “Our discussion will cover a wide range of topics, from why Robbie selected the fixtures in his kit, to how he meets the challenge of keeping up with the unbridled creativity and improvisation that characterize Abandoman’s shows.”

The world’s largest art festival, Edinburgh Fringe runs for almost the entire month of August. Monday 13 August is the only day that festival crews have off, so Open Day is also partly a celebration according to Wilkes. “We’re incredibly proud that Robbie is using Chauvet Professional fixtures,” he said. “Sponsoring this event is our way of saying ‘thank you,’ and offering the crew a chance to let their hair down.

“However, this is also a very good learning opportunity,” continued Wilkes. “I for one am very excited to hear what Robbie has to say about designing for improv — and I’m quite certain that many other lighting professionals at The Fringe Festival will share my enthusiasm.