Chain Master D8plus Stage Operator

The Chain Master D8plus StageOperator Series CM-850, developed for the safe setup-operation of chain hoists corresponding to SQ P2, debuted at Prolight & Sound 2016.

On the basis of its intuitive software and integrated touchscreen, the Chain Master D8plus StageOperator offers a high level of operating comfort for mobile applications or in permanent fixed installations. The integration of load measuring cells ensures a secured operation according SQ P2.

In addition to an overload value, which leads to a complete shutdown when reached, users can specify an additional warning range. The load values are shown on the displays of the motor controllers and operating units. In addition, you can switch to a diagram mode in which the load history is displayed graphically in real time. The modern network technology also allows the configuration of the equipment from a network integrated PC on a browser basis or remotely over the Internet. Depending on the operating unit used, up to 8 system parts, each with a maximum of 48 or 96 drives, can be configured.
To ensure an optimal overview, the drives can be arranged on importable hall plans and CAD drawings, which can be imported into the control system via the integrated USB and EtherNet interfaces. Password management ensures different users access with flexible usage rights. In addition to a variety of different control units with touch-screens up to 17-inch, radio control units are also available.

The first reference projects include the Effenaar Concert Hall in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and the Ballerup Superarena in Denmark. The Effenaar Concert Hall installed 52 D8plus chain hoists with bearing loads of 250 and 500kg. Each chain hoist is equipped with a 2-track gear limit switch, a load cell shackle and a 24VDC contactor control.

A radio remote control with a 7-inch touchscreen can be activated. The Ballerup Super Arena uses 40 chain hoists with a load of 500kg in accordance with D8plus, which include direct control with external limit switches and load measuring cells. The drives are controlled using a wireless console with a 17-inch touch screen. Other reference projects include the City Forum in Euskirchen, the Congress and Exhibition Centre in Innsbruck and a sports and training centre for the German armed forces.

“Increased safety awareness regarding load detection is clearly reflected in the requirements of users and planners.  With our extensive product portfolio of control systems and various equipment options for our chain hoists, we can react flexibly to customer requirements and offer fitting solutions,” commented Alexander Hartung.