Carroponte: DTS Synergy 7 illuminates former Breda Siderurgica’s vault

DTS Lighting Synergy 7 Profile features on Carroponte's lighting plot where dozens of singers, artists and musicians will perform during summer in Milan, Italy.

Milan is experiencing a renaissance of music and entertainment with the return of open-air concerts without COVID-19 restrictions, particularly when it comes to Carroponte – an industrial space which doubles as a sprawling, open-air venue hosting touring musical acts, festivals and Milanese events.

The lighting plot, designed by Brian Anfossi, is characterised by its versatility. “The stage consists of a ring with three three trusses (front, middle and rear), a minimal structure designed with the aim of guaranteeing ease of use for the lighting designers who will light up the artists,” Bonaccorsi explained. “Therefore, the lighting setup is also optimised for the different needs that will arise during the numerous summer evenings: I chose standard fixtures such as spots, washes, strobes and blinders, while avoiding any fixtures positioned directly on stage.”

The project marks Bonaccorsi’s first time using DTS Lighting Synergy 7 Profile moving heads. “I am amazed by these profiles, especially by their impressive luminous output,” he said, highlighting Synergy 7’s ability to illuminate Carroponte, despite excessive light pollution. “While the selection of lights provides a standard structure which is easy to use, I wanted to be more creative with the positioning of the Synergy 7, so I placed them in two rows of five luminaires, so as to have a central headlight. I was also impressed by the creative potential given by the overlapping games between gobos and prism wheels, solutions that can be extremely interesting also in other contexts such as theatre shows.”

Diego De Ferrari, founder of Sonique S.r.l. Audio, Lighting and Video Service, highlights the historic significance of the open-air venue. “Carroponte requires a demanding organisation and management. The structure is huge and the artists who will follow one another on stage will have very different needs from each other. This involves a very in-depth study of what must be present already from the start: the goal is to give all the professionals who will take turns behind the console a complete and versatile choice.”

This year marks the third year that Sonique has provided audio and lighting equipment and, above all, technical assistance throughout the summer at Carroponte. “The real challenge is the one that every service should win – keeping up with the technology that progresses so as to offer products that are always at the top of the performance,” De Ferrari explained. 

Carroponte can host about 9,000 people so the lighting rig had to be punchy enough to bathe the performing artists as well as crowds in light. “When given the chance to rent some new Synergy 7 Profiles, because of the recognised quality of DTS products, I didn’t miss it. The amount of light is huge and, above all, the projection is clean and optimal which is not to be taken for granted when it comes to powerful projectors. In addition to their power, the Synergies were a choice also for their ability to respond to various design needs. To create a lighting plot in such an eclectic stage, it is necessary to give a basic design that can be adapted to the different needs of the various shows.”

Carroponte is housed under a metal ‘cage’ 20m high by 60m wide and 200m long and was built in the 1930s to accommodate seven overhead cranes for handling over 40 tonnes of material. Today, Carroponte provides a space for open-air shows and live entertainment. The ex-Breda industrial archaeological park has been a major urban redevelopment project, in which Carroponte inserts itself by also including the MIL Space (Museum of Industry and Work) and the entire adjacent green area once used as a scrap yard from the Breda steel plants.