Carl Cox: Live at OVO Arena Wembley

Carl Cox makes the much-anticipated leap from DJ to live electronic artist with the support of live events architects behind the scenes.

On 15 October 2022, Carl Cox performed his new album, Electronic Generations, live for the first time at OVO Wembley Arena to a crowd of 12,500 electronic dance music fans. This pivotal moment in his decades-spanning career marked a shift from DJ to live electronic artist.

Cox’s evolution into live performances emerged during lockdown when Awesome Soundwave Live Online Festival III burst onto our screens in December 2020, signifying a change in direction for the king of dance music. The living room party was well and truly established by then and here was some of the most progressive programming to come out of the streaming boom. World-renowned and respected as a DJ, here he was with a new live electronic production format. “I think I’ve taken that whole DJ thing to the very pinnacle,” said Cox. “Probably more than anyone else, and I can’t go any further. I could keep going with that or move away and create a new path. Right here is an interesting place to be, because we don’t know where it’s going to go.”

Production Director, Jim Baggott of The nvisible Agency, who has helped produce Carl Cox’s large-scale live shows for over two decades, and Show Designer, Andy Hurst assembled a crack team of touring professionals for the show, enlisting the technical support and expertise of Funktion-One and Audio Plus, ZEROdB Live, Lights Control Rigging, ER Productions, 80six, Rebel Overlay, Ambrose Productions and Alpha Crew to make the ambitious project a reality. “All the suppliers and crew involved have exceeded our expectations,” he began. 

Photos: Dan Reid and Funktion-One