Cameo inspires lighting at Festival Lent in Slovenia

Photo: Gal Vivat

Festival Lent is the largest open-air festival in Slovenia and one of the biggest city centre festivals in Europe, To stage the broad spectrum of genres, the lighting designers of the respective stages relied on moving lights, LED bars and flood lights from Cameo.

On a total of five of the seven stages, including the Main Stage, Jože Skarlovnik, Technical Director of the festival, relied on Cameo fixtures. The focus was primarily on IP65-capable outdoor spotlights, with which those responsible did not have to make any compromises in terms of performance, weight and flexibility, even in inclement weather. In addition to the OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads as floor lights, the ZENIT W600 SMD with Pixel Control also played to their strengths as strobes and eye-catchers on the Main Stage.

Anže Trstenjak, Lighting Designer for Joker Out, was also enthusiastic about the OPUS X Profile moving heads, which provided plenty of dynamics as backlight and effect light with powerful gobos and animations: “The performance of the OPUS X Profile is impressive.” With Dorej Val Škaper, lighting designer for Slovenian folk-rock musician Vlado Kreslin, also commenting on the OPUS X Profile: “The quality and precision of the beams and colours blew me away and I would be happy to see the OPUS X Profile more often in Slovenia.”

On the Večer Stage, the PIXBAR 600 Pro LED bars mount both the stage backdrop and on the front arched truss construction – here as an IP65 version – and providing powerful colours, strobe and chase effects

The jazz stage also relied on the versatile PIXBAR 600 Pro LED bars. At the lighting desk Gašper’s Bohinec who’s personal highlight, however, was the AZOR S2 Spot Moving Head as a show light for the highly acclaimed shows by Fred Wesley and French drum legend Manu Katché.