Brompton Technology supports 80six at Virtual Production Discovery Days

September saw 80six host the first series of Virtual Production Discovery Days at its new VP studio in Slough, Berkshire.

As Brompton Technology processors are an integral part of so many virtual production infrastructures, it was an important partner, along with ROE Visual, Mo-Sys Engineering, Cooke Optics and 3LR Lighting. This line-up enabled 80six to provide Virtual Production Discovery Days attendees with insight into the workflows and the real-time technologies required to power both live and on-set productions.

The interactive and informal programme attracted directors of photography, film and TV producers as well as a variety of 80six’s event partners, with live demos allowing them to experience the creative possibilities of virtual production and how this technology is shaping the future of storytelling and content creation.

Brompton Technology Technical Solutions Manager, Adam Callaway, was on hand throughout the showcase to demonstrate the benefits of the company’s Tessera software, and its latest virtual production focussed features, including Brompton HDR, Genlock, ShutterSync, Frame Remapping, Frame Rate Multiplication, and 3D LUT Import.

“We have worked closely with 80six on developing their virtual production offering and were delighted to be part of their Virtual Production Discovery Days,” said Callaway. “It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to the people at the sharp end of creative content production the difference Brompton LED processing can make to any VP shoot.”

80six Co-founder and Commercial Director, Dan Hamill added: “Brompton processing, and the input from their team, has been crucial for us in being able to develop our VP workflows and ensure our studio is exactly what the industry needs, and even more. The Discovery Days were a great success, with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers behind the technology powering virtual production all coming on board and presenting their latest offerings. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience; we’re already planning more for the New Year. Brompton will once again be an integral part of the process and we can’t wait to see what new solutions the company has in store that will steer the creative process of virtual production even further!”