Britannia Row Productions Training Launches Online Courses

Britannia Row Productions Training launches online courses and encourages diverse applicants.

Britannia Row Productions Training (BRPT) launches its Live Sound Fundamentals and Live Sound Intermediate educational courses online with 145 newly produced video lectures.

Created after receiving an Arts Council England Culture Recovery Grant, the new online delivery platform offers video lectures, course notes, quizzes and optional exams together with learner support that the live sound specialist hopes will generate a more accessible gateway into the professional audio industry.

BRPT Managing Director, Mike Lowe, stated: “We anticipated having to wait for some semblance of post-pandemic normality before continuing our programmes in live sound, however, being awarded a Culture Recovery Grant was an amazing development. It has provided work and much-needed income for the sound engineers, technicians, camera ops, video directors and editors who have produced our online courses.”

The coming months could see the return of large-scale festivals and concerts in the UK, yet this will bring about challenges. The live industry as a whole faces concerns over retaining skilled workers to meet future demands.

Lowe continued: “In any normal year, a certain amount of production workers will retire or slow down. This ‘shrinkage’ has been exacerbated during the pandemic as many workers have now retrained and left the industry indefinitely. By the time the industry will be able to secure consistent work, the stream of young people coming in through education or carving out early career experience will have been broken by two years.

“It is our hope that the BRPT online courses will provide a solution to the potential looming shortage of young people with the right skills and knowledge the events industry will need to re-enter the live sound industry. For people considering a career in concert and event audio, there has never been a better time to invest in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.”

The online courses are designed to prepare students to go into entry-level jobs and begin to gain practical experience with sound rental companies and music venues. A positive element of digital learning is its accessibility to a wider range of students. While the industry enters recovery, students can set their own pace and fit the courses in around any current work or lifestyle, regardless of their location.

“Many of BRPT’s previous alumni are from global territories, and as the digital realm takes hold, the financial savings for travel to and accommodation around London is significant. Plus, visa issues are eradicated, and the courses remain COVID-19 safe. Our courses can be done in a matter of weeks or can be studied over many months, and the online lectures can be played on repeat until the learner feels confident in the subject matter, which is delivered in English.”

BRPT is also keen to welcome a new wave of live events workers. “Unlike the array of talent seen on stage, the live event production industry has always had a very high proportion of white cisgender workers. Due to this, we know that marginalised communities struggle to envision working in and becoming a part of the backstage industry. It’s our desire to help bring about change and encourage a much more diverse workforce going forwards,” Lowe said.

“At BRPT we have long welcomed and encouraged a range of students to join our audio courses and feel strongly about inclusivity going forwards. The industry is nowhere near as reflective of the talent we know is out there within minority groups, the LGBT+ community, female identifying and gender non-conforming workers. If you are from an under-represented group, have passion for live audio, music and events, and the desire to bring about change in this industry and beyond, BRPT would love to welcome you on board for this online training.”

Lowe concluded: “We encourage any interested parties to start their journey and become the leaders of tomorrow. The industry cannot progress and the world cannot change for the better without you finding your place in the job roles you may discover you excel in.”