BPM SFX on AC Lasers acquisition

Following its acquisition of AC Lasers, BPM SFX welcomes TPi to its Burnley HQ to share the story behind the deal and give some details on the future of the company.

Over the past few years, we’ve reported on numerous buyouts and acquisitions in the live events industry. In some cases, these acquisitions signal a company looking to grow into a certain geographical region, while other times it can be about widening the portfolio and knowledge base of an organisation. Having spent the afternoon with the team at BPM SFX as well as the recently acquired AC Lasers, it’s clear that this deal falls into the latter category, with the two companies aiming to draw from each other’s experiences and resources to bring an even better service to their customers. 

Sitting in BPM SFX’s stunning office – complete with several TPi Awards Favourite SFX Company of the Year trophies on display – TPi spoke at length with BPM’s Adam Murray and Liam Haswell along with AC Lasers’ Andy Thompson and Daniel Briggs. With a palpable sense of excitement in the meeting room, the quartet talked shop about the state of the industry as a whole and looked to the future. 

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Danny Sargent and MrB