Bluman Create Visual Design for BAFTAs Red Carpet

This years EE British Academy Film Awards were recently held, with West Design & Production collaborating with Bluman Associates and TSL Rigging to provide a visual spectacle on the red carpet.

The new production design included 62 low-resolution LED screens of different shapes and sizes, accurately rigged in a 3-dimensional space. The large memorial situated in the main entrance influenced the design, resulting in a geometric, visual experience. This allowed for the use of a more tangible screen surface, as opposed to the scenic LED panels that had been used in the past.

Incorporating VR into the mix, Bluman Associates were able to previsualise the design using d3 software, and allowed EE and BAFTA to get a tangible and realistic sense of the experience before sign off.

‘The d3 system was integral to our planning and approval process. It’s a system that facilitates the creative workflow we require and has unique features that allowed us to map the content across all 62 screens in 3D” said Pod Bluman from Bluman Associates. “Our focus was to create a fully integrated 3-Dimensional workflow from start to finish, which we achieved.”