Blessway goes the Outline Way

Following demos at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Brescia, Italy, during which company representatives from South Korean rental house Blessway saw that the system maintained stable response, even at high-power outputs and that it was also very easy to operate, the company purchased the first large Outline GTO C-12 system to be sold into South Korea.

A Blessway spokesperson explained: “We were aware of the Outline system through marketing material and exhibits in Korea and, when we make purchases, we take the quality of both customer service and the product itself into great consideration.”

Outline CEO, Giorgio Biffi, commented: “Our South Korean distributor recently brought this important sound reinforcement company to our main facility near Brescia, and we chose the nearby multi-function Palabrescia Theatre as the venue for conducting extensive listening demos and evaluation processes with our products.”

The sale was facilitated by Outline’s Seoul-headquartered Korean distributor, Hebsiba Multimedia Co, a major A/V company and one of the country’s top A/V construction and consultancy firms.

As well as traditional sound reinforcement, Hebsiba also provides clients solutions for environmental acoustics and caters for the rental market, broadcasting stations, recording studios, internet facilities, exhibitions, and more.

Blessway reported that it intends to use the new system, which includes 24 Outline GTO C-12 main arrays and two GTO-DF downfill cabinets, to cater for medium-sized local events and indoor concerts, and is considering acquiring more C-12 cabinets as the company continues to expand.

The GTO C-12 is derived from Outline’s larger-format, dual-15-inch GTO cabinet, generating output power surpassed only by its larger sibling from an enclosure that is smaller and 30% lighter. From arenas to 500-seat theatres, the GTO C-12 is equally at home delivering maximum power for rock concerts or crystal-clear sound for spoken-word events.

A Blessway spokesperson added: “We’re planning to expand our main system by adding more GTO C-12s and using iSM 212 and iSM 115 stage monitors, in order to cater for larger events in arenas and stadiums, and are also very interested in small (Outline) speaker systems, such as the Eidos 265 and Mini-Compass.”

Biffi added: “We are very pleased that Blessway has joined Outline’s worldwide ‘family’ of users.”

A Blessway spokesperson concluded: “Outline responds promptly and professionally to any questions we have and Hebsiba has also been excellent in providing solutions to any problems we experience, even visiting our rental site frequently.”