B’in Live: Redefining what it means to be a turnkey company

TPi travels to Taipei, Taiwan, to meet the B’in Live team and learn more about its turnkey business model, the ramifications that COVID-19 had on the live events industry in the region and the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

For TPi Awards 2022, with events slowly starting to reemerge post-pandemic, we made the decision to include livestream projects within the Production of the Year category. One of the shortlisted performances was Mayday’s Fly To 2021. With their tour temporarily grounded, the Taiwanese band opted to create several online concerts to keep fans engaged – one of which took place on New Year’s Eve and was watched by 29 million fans. 

A showcase of the potential reach of online performances, the level of production in these livestreams was on another scale to anything seen before, with the band playing in numerous locations and show design and cinematography clearly high on the priorities list. In fact, TPi was so intrigued by the shortlisted performance that we did some digging to learn about the people behind the scenes of Mayday’s production, which eventually led to us sitting in the Taipei office of Ocean Chou, CEO of B’in Live.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: B’in Live