Bigabox pulls out all the stops for Romeo Santos

Courtesy of Bigabox

Almost a decade since his first London gig, Romeo Santos headlines The O2, with Bigabox Productions delivering a turnkey solution.

With US singer-songwriter Romeo Santos making his long-awaited return to London for a one-off show at The O2, Bigabox Productions was brought in to provide a turnkey solution, scaling down the star’s usual stadium setup to deliver a realistically sized arena show.

“We only had around a month to pull this all together, and given the time of year, this posed challenges with available kit,” reflected Bigabox’s Sian Teasdale.

Robe and CHAUVET Professional fixtures featured heavily throughout the lighting rig, which comprised: 44 Robe MegaPointes, 32 Spiiders, three RoboSpots and six BMFLs, as well as 14 CHAUVET Professional Storm 4s, 14 Rogue Outcast BeamWash 1s, 16 Strike 1s, 14 Strike Ms, and 26 COLOrado PXL Bar 16s. An MA Lighting grandMA3 Full Size, a grandMA3 light, and a grandMA2 Command Wing was provided for control.

Bigabox also provided SFX, supplying Galaxis G-flames, Magic FX Stadium shots and Co2 confetti blasters – all of which was supplied and operated by John Wilson.

A total of 300 panels of Unilumin 3.9mm LED was deployed for the upstage screens and circular truss, while Unilumin UpadIV 2.6mm was used for IMAGs, with NovaStar processing and Barco E2 and Ex units managing content.

The main PA was d&b audiotechnik, with 38 J8s and eight J12s, along with side hangs of 24V8s and eight V12s, eight YP7s and two V10s used for front fill, 16 flown J-SUBs and a sub array of 15 B2s and four J-INFRAs, plus 30 D80 amplifiers.

Eight M2 wedges and eight V8 loudspeakers were used for monitors, while control and both FOH and monitors came from two Avid S6Ls.

“d&b is always our go-to product,” said Teasdale, describing the audio setup. “We are really proud of the end result, and we know we provided the best possible kit for the arena. We’ve worked at The O2 many times before, so we knew what would give the artist the best coverage.”

He concluded: “Everyone is incredibly happy with the delivery of the show. The final product was amazing and worth all the sleepless nights. It was a high energy concert, and we are so happy with the result.”