Beethoven X: Pushing the boundaries of remote production

Brought in by necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of operating a show remotely became a recurring theme in the lockdown – rolled-out to great effect on projects such as Wacken World Wide [TPi #253] and Around The World In 80 Milliseconds [TPi #258]. Involved in both projects was none other than Peter Brandt of Remote Recording Network. Carving out somewhat of a niche, Brandt and his team, while working closely with Riedel Communications, have created a proven workflow, which enables a show to be operated remotely by engineers, using a mirrored console on site. This time round, for Beethoven X , Brandt has placed his faith in the Yamaha RIVAGE PM5 to create the mix for this intriguing project. 

This article originally appeared in issue #267 of TPi, which you can read here.