Avolites Quartz Creates Magic for Wicked in Tasmania

Photo: Tony McKendrick

Tasmanian Lighting Designer Gareth Kays used an ultra-compact Quartz console from Avolites to programme the lighting and special effects on the Australian island state’s production of Broadway musical Wicked.

Kays was brought in to design and programme the entire lighting package and controlled the show using an ultra-compact Avolites Quartz console running the latest Titan V10 software.

For the Wicked production, Kays added an additional touch screen and the Avolites Titan Mobile Wing during the design and programming stages of the show.

He adopted a highly efficient approach using pallets and programmed the entire show on a single cue list, with the rig spread across eight universes of data, conveyed via Art-Net.

Kays relied heavily on Titan V10’s latest Shape Tracking feature in cue lists, allowing designers advanced intuitive programming capabilities. The feature means that when creating a cue list that includes shapes, the shapes automatically track and follow the normal tracking rules. The Playback View shows where they are blocked and tracked meaning a designer has the option to block the shapes, preventing it from tracking to the next cue.

The show ran at Hobart’s Theatre Royal from 27 January to 11 February.