Avolites Drives Shock Rock Lighting for Marilyn Manson World Tour

Stewart drove the intense lighting using an Avolites Pearl Expert console and wing. Image courtesy of Robin Kim of Live Nation.
Lighting Designer Corey Stewart drove Marilyn Manson’s performance in Seoul using an Avolites Pearl Expert console and wing as part of his solo world tour at the Yes24 Live Hall.
For the South Korean date, Stewart hired the console from Seoul-based rental company TKLS. His dynamic rig consisted of Claypaky Sharpys, Martin Mac Viper Profiles, Martin Viper Wash DXs, Martin Atomics and Fay Blinders.
Stewart is new to the Manson production family, having taken over as Lighting Designer in the summer for the Slipknot / Marilyn Manson North American tour. Using Avolites consoles since 2011, Stewart has also worked with the likes of Trivium, Misfits frontman Danzig and Of Mice and Men.
“I’ve been touring with Avolites consoles for the last five years – I find the consoles to be extremely user friendly, especially since the Titan software came out,” said Stewart. “The Exchange Mapping feature is really useful. I like that I can get in to a venue and adapt to a new house rig every night and appreciate being able to load shows from any console within the Titan range – it allows me to keep the integrity of the show.”
Fixture exchange has been further enhanced in recent Titan versions with a unique, visual, Attribute Mapping System. Designers can customise any fixture exchange to fit their needs; for example, old Gobo 1 to new Gobo 3.
Opting for a series of kabuki-style backdrops, instead of a video element to the show, Stewart’s lighting took centre-stage. Using crimson reds, stark whites and moody blues, the designer was able to create the gritty, nightmarish atmosphere often linked with Manson’s catalogue of hits. “Avolites consoles are so adaptable, touching up existing colour and position pallets is extremely fast.”