Audinate Unveils NXP i.MX8 ARM Reference Design

Reference Design allows manufacturers to develop Dante products on ARM-based devices with confidence

Audinate had announced the availability of a reference design kit for Dante Embedded Platform on the popular NXP i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite SoC which provides Dante audio-over-IP to OEMs as on-chip software.

Solutions developed for standard computing hardware platforms such as ARM are increasingly becoming the most cost-effective and flexible way to design and deliver AV products. With Dante Embedded Platform, Audinate now provides a cost-effective means to deliver Dante AV-over-IP technology in these modern software-driven devices. With minimal additional hardware and low marginal costs, Dante Embedded Platform fits where other hardware solutions won’t, giving manufacturers and customers alike immediate connectivity to thousands of available Dante-enabled products from hundreds of OEMs.

The Dante Embedded Platform Reference Design Kit for NXP’s i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite processor is validated by Audinate for Dante performance, and lets OEMs design with confidence. It supports up to 64×64 lossless audio channels with latency between 2ms and 10ms and is fully interoperable with all other Dante-enabled products and Dante tools such as Dante Controller, Dante Virtual Soundcard, and Dante Domain Manager.

“The Reference Design for the I.MX8 Mini QuadLite gives manufacturers a clear path to creating Dante-enabled products with assurance,” said Nick Mariette, Senior Product Manager at Audinate. “It opens new doors for OEMs to develop the next generation of software-driven professional audio products with lower risk.”

The Dante Embedded Platform Reference Design Kit for i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite is available for order now and will be shipping July 2020. Interested manufacturers can get more information on Dante Embedded Platform and the Reference Design for I.MX8 Mini QuadLite by visiting the Dante Embedded Platform page.

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