Astera LED Colourise Floating Lotus Yoga Classes

Six Astera LED Titan Tubes capture the harmonious ambience of Floating Lotus' livestreamed yoga classes.

Nalini Tebbey owns and runs Floating Lotus, a thriving yoga studio based in Helensvale, Gold Coast, Australia, offering a busy weekly schedule of 36 yoga, pilates and meditation classes. Helping capture the harmonious ambience in the studio are six Astera LED Titan Tubes.

While perfect for live sessions, the Gold Coast yoga studio space required additional lighting to keep up the quality and style associated with Floating Lotus. Tebbey wanted her broadcasts to look polished and professional and Astera LED Titan Tubes were recommended, and then sourced from the ULA Group, Astera’s Australian distributor. “I needed good skin tones and lighting that added a subtle glow, not too harsh, just a very nice quality of light,” explained Tebbey.

Astera LED Titan Tubes were also a great solution as they come with so many different rigging and fixing options, of which Tebbey is using the floor stands to mount them on. Six Astera LED Titan Tubes were placed in an arc on the floor around Tebbey for a typical streaming session and she dials in a warm, tungsten white ambience using the Astera LED App, which looks ideal on camera.

This neat installation is further enhanced by the elegant appearance of the Astera LED Titan Tubes themselves, which look comfortable in the geometry of the yoga space. From some camera angles the lights are on show, so the aesthetics of the fixtures themselves were also important.

Tebbey has not needed to dip into any of the many colours and effects, the different CT whites alone have been enough to generate the atmospheric variances required for the different disciplines. Yoga and meditation need lower levels of warmer light while pilates lends itself to more vibrancy and a cooler, crisper colour temperature.

Keeping her business running via streaming and social media during the lockdown has been crucial, according to Tebbey. She continues to livestream online classes until the studio can reopen in mid-June, which will be with reduced numbers, so streaming additional sessions to meet demand is still an option.