Astera Hires Thor André

Astera’s after sales technical support team grows with the appointment of Thor André, pictured with his 12-year-old Norfolk Terrier dog, Maiko.

Astera has appointed Thor André as a member of its after-sales technical support team based at the company’s HQ in Munich, Germany.

The new recruit along with his 12-year-old Norfolk Terrier dog, Maiko, are upping sticks and relocating from Norway to Munich. “This is a fantastic and hugely exciting chance to work directly with one of the world’s leading entertainment LED lighting manufacturers,” he remarked.

Andre will engage with Astera customers and companies offering after-sales support and be working with gaffers, DoPs, lighting and set designers, rental and production companies, combining his communications skills and expertise.

The role will also involve future Astera product planning and research and development – building on connections he accrued at ULA Group. “Astera’s growth has been extremely strong even through this very difficult COVID-19 pandemic period, and that’s a testament to the ingenuity, foresight and imagination that goes into producing products that are so ultimately useful and usable,” Andre said.

Astera’s Sebastian Bückle commented: “Thor is one of the most knowledgeable Astera users and technical supporters out there. His expertise and dynamism will help take our after-sales services to the next level.”