ASLV’s Outline inventory grows with GTO C-12

Altin Alizoti, Florind Tenolli, Outline's Fernando Rey Méndez, Rejnardo Tafaj

ASLV was established in 2013, with their work covering Europe for various projects and clients. 

In 2020 ASLV purchased an Outline Superfly Silver audio package which has worked very well for them since, owner Florind Tenolli remarked: “The GTO C-12 system has been widely used in events supplied by ASLV and its partners. With an absolute guarantee for perfect sound, this system has made it possible to realise projects in Albania which previously had to be contracted out or supported from abroad. Through our investment we have also given the organisers more reasons to develop those events which were previously difficult as a result of the absence of such a system here.”

The company recently expanded its inventory with a GTO C-12 line array (Golden configuration), which integrates with the Superfly. The new availability of audio technology also allows touring productions visiting Albania a much greater level of flexibility than previously, as Florind explained: “This system has been used in the concerts of leading Albanian artists such as Noizy, but also in the concert as part of Ricky Martin’s world tour in Skënderbej Square here in Tirana last summer. It is worth noting that Ricky Martin’s own technical staff gave the highest ratings for the quality of sound and vocals.”