Anna Valley Transforms indigo at The O2 into a Livestreaming Venue

Anna Valley's online event studio at indigo at The O2.

Anna Valley has built their first off-site online event studio at indigo at The O2, transforming the iconic music venue into a live-streaming studio.  After being closed for over three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular South East London venue can now host online events for corporate and agency clients using the solution from Anna Valley.

Anna Valley launched the online event studio  in June 2020 via a live stream demonstration of their in-house studio setup in West London.  Online event studio clients were offered the option of hosting events from the audio-visual company’s 42 000 square foot facility or having a customised solution built at a venue of their choice.  The new installation at indigo at The O2 now provides London-based event agencies and corporate clients with an alternative off-site venue for virtual events, in a central location that offers all the benefits of a professional event space.

Anna Valley have already completed the studio installation at The O2, including a high-resolution LED backdrop and a multicamera setup with record, edit and playout capability from the venue.  The indigo team will provide audio and lighting equipment along with all the necessary security, safe working, housekeeping and parking needed for events.

“Anna Valley subsidiary, Matrix UK Solutions, has worked with and enjoyed a successful relationship with the indigo team for many years,” said Anna Valley MD, Peter Jones.  “Installing our online event studio at indigo at The O2 provides our clients with a fantastic online event solution and means we can do our bit to support a valued venue during these difficult times – it’s a win-win,” he explained.

“With the support of Anna Valley, we’re proud to be able to get corporate events back into indigo at The O2,” said Jan Chadwick, General Manager of indigo at The O2.  “Our venue has first-class, in-house production waiting to be used, and being able to open our doors to corporate businesses at this time feels like a huge achievement.”