Pushing the boundaries of visual production with Andy C: Alive 2.0

Just over a year on since Andy C graced the cover of TPi with his – at the time – biggest ever show, the famed DJ rewrites the history books with a headline performance at The O2. TPi checks-in with the visual team to find out how they are continuing to push the boundaries.

The TPi Awards bar is always an interesting place to find out what shows people are working on. This year, before the doors had opened, we found ourselves speaking to two suppliers – Simon Harris of Observatory and Dan Hamill of 80six – who explained that they would be joining forces for Andy C’s performance in The O2. Coincidently, that night’s TPi Award for Favourite Lighting Supplier went to Lights Control Rigging, who also featured on the supplier roster of the DJ’s show. With so many tie-ins, we thought we’d see what this stellar group of creatives had conjured up for this seminal performance. 

More observant readers may remember that Andy C featured in TPi #273, off the back of his biggest show to date at Wembley Arena, with the venue’s first ever all-night rave. Seeming to have taste for ‘firsts’, Andy C and his core touring family added another note in the UK history books being the first drum ’n’ bass DJ to headline The O2. Even an unfortunate leg injury couldn’t stop the famed DJ from taking to the stage much to the pleasure of thousands of fans that had rocked up for this very special evening. 

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words: Stew Hume

Photos: Luke Dyson