Alen & Heath Gets Personal with SQ4You

Allen & Heath put performers in control of their monitors with a new personal mixing app for its SQ mixers.

The SQ4You app is available for both Android and iOS and up to eight phones or tablets can be connected at the same time, making it a great time-saver for the busy audio engineer who is mixing the whole show single-handed.

SQ4You’s main ‘Four Wheel Drive’ view is designed to be big, bold and easy to use, providing straightforward level controls over 4 groups, a master level and mute. Double tapping on a group gives access to more granular controls, including individual channel metering, send levels and stereo pan. Groups can be custom named for quick recognition and channels can be assigned to groups via simple checkboxes, allowing the user to create their ideal custom mix.

“Most performers will tell you how off-putting bad monitors can be, but in the real world there isn’t always a dedicated monitor engineer on hand to craft that perfect mix,” commented SQ Product Manager, Keith Johnson. “SQ4You is free, unobtrusive and incredibly easy to teach and learn – most performers will be up and running in a few minutes. Performers will love being able to control their own mix and busy audio engineers will appreciate the time and space to focus on the front-of-house sound. It’s a win-win!”