ALD Launches Awards for Excellence 2020

The ALD has announced that the ALD Awards for Excellence 2020 are open for submissions. Aimed at all students and recent graduates studying in the UK, the ALD Awards for Excellence offers the perfect opportunity for the ambitious to raise their profile in 2020.

The awards are a celebration of imaginative and creative lighting and video production and represent a chance for young designers to showcase their talent, bringing their work to the attention of experienced lighting and video designers, as well to the wider reach of industry professionals. Awards are presented to those who demonstrate strong, imaginative and creative lighting, video designs or skill in production electrics.

Chair of the ALD, Johanna Town, encourages all young designers in further education to apply: “The ALD’s Awards for Excellence are so important to a designer’s future. To be able to sell your ideas and passions for a design or methodology to other industry leaders is an important skill.”

The Awards are now open for submissions from students studying in the UK, recent graduates from 2018 onwards or corresponding affiliate members of the ALD, in the following categories:


The Michael Northen Award in Lighting Design, sponsored by the Mousetrap Foundation and Vectorworks UK.


  • £250 cash prize
  • A one-year Vectorworks license
  • An industry contact pairing to aid ‘initial career’-stage questions
  • A copy of Michael Northen’s book, “Northen Lights”

The Fred Foster Award for Production Electrics


  • £250 cash prize
  • Subscription Moving Light Assistant
  • One-year subscription to the ALD’s PLI insurance
  • An industry contact pairing to aid ‘initial career’-stage questions

The Blue-i Theatre Technology Award for Video Design, sponsored by Blue-i Theatre Technology.


  •  £500 cash prize
  •  £1,250 hire credit towards their first commercial venture
  •  An industry contact pairing to aid ‘initial career’-stage questions


An esteemed panel of judges will deliberate over submissions to decide the deserving winners. Awards will be presented at the annual “Lighting Lunch” held in London in December 2020.

The awards are open now and all submissions must be received before the closing date of midnight on 31 August 2020. The full criteria, including checklists, for submission to each award can be found on the ALD website: