ADJ Lighting gets the party started at Feest In Het Park festival

Ultrasound Productions supplies 70 ADJ fixtures for Feest In Het Park festival 2023. Photo: Beau Rutten.

Across two separate stages, more than 70 ADJ fixtures were supplied for Feest In Het Park festival 2023 by Ultrasound Productions, which utilised both moving heads and static washes to illuminate the performance spaces.

The 2023 instalment began with a free party on Friday evening before the main event ran throughout the Saturday afternoon and evening with performances from more than 25 artists.

Ultrasound Productions specialises in rental, sales and installation of lighting, sound, video and staging, and equipment. The company was founded by Youri Laanbroek in 2005 to supply mobile DJ services but quickly grew into a full-service production company. Ultrasound invested heavily in ADJ fixtures following the pandemic and is now supplying some of the region’s festivals and events.

Geert Maes, Ultrasound Productions’ Sales Manager, served as both Project Manager and Lighting Designer for the 2023 Feest In Het Park festival.

The main stage at Feest In Het Park 2023 was designed by Rudi Van de Schoor of Drawmore. He supplied drawings of the design, which provided the starting point for Geert’s lighting plot. The set involved a series of angled towers, covered with custom graphic panels and positioned at varying depths. Geert’s first challenge was therefore evenly illuminating the stage’s vibrant décor. For this he utilised 24 of ADJ’s popular 32 HEX Panel IP LED-powered wash fixtures, which were positioned in front of each of the stage’s graphical elements. Each of these robust units feature 32 potent 12-Watt 6-in-1 colour mixing LEDs that can be used to create a colour palette ranging from saturated hues to soft subtle shades.

“I needed a tough, compact, IP-rated light that we could place on the floor and use to illuminate a large area,” explained Geert, “which made the 32 HEX Panel IP the obvious choice. It has a nice spread and great colour mixing, which makes it my go-to fixture for lighting décor on festival stages. It is also a very tough and reliable fixture. I know that however many we use, they will all work for the whole show without any problems.”

The main stage also featured 16 of ADJ’s powerful Hydro Beam X12 dedicated beam fixtures, arranged across the stage set at various heights. Part member of ADJ’s Hydro Series of IP65-rated moving heads, the X12 is a luminaire designed to create aerial effects.

Harnessing the power of the latest Philips Platinum 12R LL MSD Discharge Lamp technology, focused through optics, it creates a beam of light with a 2-degree beam angle. It offers lighting designers a host of beam-shaping features, including motorized focus, a 16-position stamped metal GOBO wheel, a 14-position colour wheel, two rotating prisms (6-facet linear and 24-facet circular) and a frost filter.

“It was insane, they lit up the whole sky in the park,” enthused Geert. “I was actually DJing one of the smaller stages at the other side of the site and you could clearly see where the main stage was because of the beams going up into the air, which was really cool to see. Even though we only used 16 fixtures, on what was quite a big stage, they were still able to fill the whole area.”

At the centre of the stage was a truss structure, with a curved roof, covered in a Perspex canopy to protect the DJ position from any rain. Across the rear of this structure the Ultrasound Productions team rigged eight of ADJ’s Focus Flex LED wash-zoom fixtures. This moving head luminaire is capable of creating wash, beam and pixel effects. It is powered by an array of seven potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW colour mixing LEDs and offers a motorised zoom function providing a variable field angle of between 6 and 57-degrees.

“The Focus Flex is a great little fixture,” commented Geert. “I like its speed, its brightness, its zoom, basically everything about it. which wouldn’t have been possible with larger fixtures. They say size matters, which is true, but sometimes smaller is better!”

To illuminate performers across the front of the stage, six ADJ 15 HEX Bar IP linear LED fixtures were utilised. These IP65-rated units each feature fifteen 12-Watt 6-in-1 colour mixing LEDs and offer coverage with a 25-degree beam angle.

To achieve a wider beam angle, each fixture is supplied with an opaque diffusion filter, which can be mounted above the LEDs by sliding it into a slot in the front of the unit. This, combined with the variable white colour temperature control that can be achieved by varying the intensity of the cool white and amber LED chips, makes the fixture ideal for use as stage footlight.

Ultrasound Productions also supplied lighting to the second ‘Foute Feestje’ stage, which featured a full roof canopy. Here Geert opted for eight of ADJ’s Vizi Beam 12RX dedicated beam moving heads, which are non-IP fixtures that feature the same light source and an almost identical feature set to the Hydro Beam X12. These were used together with 12 additional Focus Flex moving heads to create a lightshow. Four more 32 HEX Panel IP fixtures were also utilised to illuminate banner panels located at either side of the stage.

From piercing aerial effects to colourful washes, and chunky beams to illumination of the performers on stage, the quantity of ADJ fixtures deployed by Ultrasound Productions at Feest In Het Park served the festival’s lighting infrastructure.