ADJ Launches Saber Spot DTW

ADJ has announced the expansion of its Saber Spot Series of compact LED-powered spot fixtures with the new Saber Spot DTW.

A potent 15-Watt warm white LED powers the Saber Spot DTW, while its built-in ACL (Advanced Collimator optic Lens) produces a tight 20-degree beam of light. This makes the fixture suitable for table-spotting, retail displays and illuminating performance stages. Despite its output, the unit is extremely compact, which makes it ideal for use in venues with low ceilings or other situations where space is limited.

The LED produces an output of 726 LUX (measured at 3M) and has a colour temperature of 3100K. However, a second LED element is also built in to the light-source, which is less bright than the primary LED, and has a 1900K (amber) colour temperature. Using the fixture’s pioneering ‘dim to warm’ feature this secondary LED element is introduced at the lower dimming settings, which creates the appearance of the incandescent glow associated with halogen lamps as they are turned on and off.

The Saber Spot DTW is ideal for any situation where the authentic feel of traditional filament-based lighting is required but with the advantages of LED, such as low power consumption, long lamp life and low heat. A pair of interchangeable frost filter lenses are supplied with the fixture, allowing its beam to be diffused for situations where users require a wider (45-degree) or tighter (10-degree) light source.

The LED has a 10,000 hour life expectancy and offers flicker free operation (3.6KHz refresh rate), making it suitable for situations that involve video recording or live streaming. The flexible fixture also offers variable speed strobing (1 – 20Hz) as well as 5 selectable dimming curve options. The Saber Spot DTW is extremely compact and lightweight, weighing just 2.6 lbs. / 1.2 kgs. and measuring 3.5” x 6.75” x 3.5” / 88 x 170 x 87mm (LxWxH).

The casing is so small, that there isn’t room on the back panel for all the input and output connections. Therefore the 3-pin XLR input and output sockets are provided on short trailing pigtail cords. The power input and output sockets are mounted to the back panel itself, taking the form of professional-grade locking powerCON sockets. These can be used to link together the power supply for multiple Saber Spot DTW fixtures, minimising the number of cables needed for a lightshow and therefore reducing setup times and making for neater installations.

Up to 22 fixtures can be linked at 120V, while as many as 71 units can be connected to a single power supply in a 230V system. Inheriting the sleek casing design of the other Saber Spot models and also offering the same flexible scissor bracket, the Saber Spot DTW is a versatile fixture suitable for use in a wide variety of situations. It’s bracket locks into place by plastic thumbscrews located on either side, and can serve either as a floor stand or hanging bracket.

The main body is constructed from tough moulded plastic, whilst the scissor bracket is powder-coated metal.

An on-board 4-button LCD menu display makes it easy to set up standalone operation, with 0-100% dimming, or address the fixture for DMX control. Three channel modes are supported (1, 2 and 4), allowing remote control of the fixture from any DMX-512 hardware or software system.

“With their compact design and powerful LEDs, the existing models in the Saber Spot Series have proved extremely popular over the past year,” commented ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales.

“Therefore we are very pleased to now be introducing a brand new model, the Saber Spot DTW. This innovative fixture offers the same slimline design as the other units in the series but with the addition of cutting-edge ‘dim-to-warm’ technology that I know will appeal to many lighting designers for situations where they want to achieve an authentic filament lamp look but with all the heat and power saving advantages of LED.”

The Saber Spot DTW joins 2 existing models, the Saber Spot WW and Saber Spot RGBW. The WW model features a standard warm white LED and boasts a razor sharp 4-degree beam angle, while the RGBW variation features a 4-in-1 quad colour LED source that allows for smooth red, green, blue and white colour mixing.

The new Saber Spot DTW is shipping now from ADJ subsidiaries and official distributors worldwide.