AC-ET equips Just Smile with Allen & Health Avantis

A.C. Entertainment Technologies was recently called upon to help Just Smile make its latest investment.

Based in Watford, Just Smile was founded in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength with each of the vast number of events they have made possible over the years.

Just Smiles’ dynamic approach to projects needed to be reflected in the audio console they chose. Managing Director, David Rees, chatted with Steve Eaton, Senior Audio Sales Executive at AC-ET, about his requirements for this new addition. Looking for something which was portable yet still offered maximum levels of control, David was interested in the Allen & Heath Avantis digital console.

The Just Smile team had the opportunity to see this piece of next-generation audio technology in person at a recent trade show and were ‘’impressed with its power and functionality’’ – subsequently choosing this model to add to its catalogue.

This console offers 64 channels and a fully configurable mix architecture, alongside dual full HD touchscreens with Continuity UI. Eaton was able to understand the needs of this booming business and priced not only the Avantis digital console but also a GX4816 stage box, which provides high-input-count remote expansion for the Avantis model.

Due to Just Smile’s small core team, this console needed to be something that they and freelancers “could pick up quickly or already understand”. The Avantis enabled this, echoing Allen & Heaths cutting edge technology that has come before and building upon it, allowing a familiarity among users.

“The design and size makes it perfect for a company like us, where we need something which can offer us the control and flexibility in a portable size. The service from AC was quick and professional,” Rees said. “We were given solid product advice and a price not just for the desk, but also stage box etc which will be essential. We are very pleased to add the Allen & Heath Avantis to our inventory.”