Absen Opens Experiential Showroom in European HQ

Absen unveils a brand new experiential showroom at its European HQ, available for in-person and virtual visits.

Absen has begun welcoming visitors to its European HQ and showroom, which is located in Mörfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany. The new showroom acts as a centrepiece of its European HQ, as visitors are invited to walk through the showroom to access the main office.

Absen, who was the earliest LED manufacturer to set up a full HQ on the continent in 2013 when they established near Frankfurt, is further demonstrating its commitment to its partners and clients, and to a larger extent, the larger AV industry it serves.

Key products featured in the showroom include Absen Acclaim, Absenicon 3.0, and N Plus Series.

Upon entering the showroom, visitors are welcomed by a creative digital mosaic made of N2 LED tiles, before continuing down the corridor to see an example of how Absen LED can be fitted around structural pillars, which is reminiscent of the ones used at the iconic award-winning Fiumicino and OXO City airport installations in Roma and Shanghai. Opposite this pillar is the welcome desk, which is backed by a 16:9 screen made up of Absen A2715 panels, an LED feature that is proving more and more popular in the corporate world.

As visitors progress into the main room, they are naturally attracted to the centrepiece – a 90° concave screen in the far corner – which demonstrates the immersive capabilities of Absen LED technology, as well as a larger truss to allow visitors a greater understanding of how the panels can be rigged.

This ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective continues throughout the main room, where a number of Absen products are arranged for anyone interested in getting their hands on some of the Polaris and Acclaim panels, and witness the lightweight and robust design that made Absen’s reputation.

This then leads to an imposing mobile, free-standing Absenicon C138, the latest all-in-one conference LED display solution for meetings and presentations. On the other side of the main room is a section dedicated to control room solutions with the mission-critical HC Series, whilst the rest of the wall showcases the depth of the Acclaim and N Plus Series ranges with pixel pitches respectively ranging from 1.2mm to 2.5mm and from 1.8mm to 5.1mm.

Visitors are also able to have a glance at the company’s new warehouse which has the capacity to hold twice the amount of stock than the previous one. It hosts a large holding of matched-batched inventory of stock and raw materials to help keep with the growing demand and ensure that both customers and partners continue to have access to the latest LED products.