A greener way for VIP travel

Crawfords commits to a ‘greener future’ by restructuring its supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.

To reflect the growing demand for renewable energy-powered solutions in the live entertainment industry despite the UK government’s latest U-turn on green targets, ground transport specialist, Crawfords, has recently bolstered its hybrid vehicle fleet while restructuring its internal processes. TPi’s Jacob Waite discovers more.

“Over the past five years, we have transitioned our passenger car fleet to either hybrid or electric vehicles, and by 2025, we aim to have a fully electric fleet, including our courier vans,” proudly stated Commercial Director, Patrick O’Sullivan, who oversees various departments within the family-run organisation. “We are currently assessing our own ability to reduce carbon emissions and helping to build the kind of world we want to live in,” he said, recalling the company’s guiding philosophy is to “integrate sustainable practices into our fleet, office spaces and be a force for good” in the challenge of tackling decarbonisation.

The company is also making wholesale changes internally, implementing lower-carbon solutions such as opting for inkjet printers – instead of toner printers – to cut down energy consumption and waste. “We use PEFC certified paper from sustainably managed forests and encourage all our employees to fundraise and help local communities and charities in the green sectors,” he explained.

Long-time client, Jamal Chalabi of Backlash Productions, shared his thoughts: “I’ve worked with David Roberts and Crawfords for many years, they provide an extremely reliable service, so it comes as no surprise that they have taken the long view in investing in the future by switching their fleet to EVs. This will no doubt meet customer and legislative demand plus give them the market and financial edge. A sustainable business plan is a more streamlined one, and ultimately, more cost effective.”

Valuing “education, awareness, and communication” along its supply chain, Crawfords advocates for the use of sustainable transport for staff travelling to and from work and considers environmental criteria when purchasing office goods. This staggered approach is one which O’Sullivan believes is sensible in the bid to become AGF-certified. “We are in the early stages of being assessed by A Greener Future (formally A Greener Festival) for a Greener Supplier certification. This will allow us to enter markets with ease and provide further reassurance for clients wary of their carbon footprint,” he remarked. “We’re devoted to making better choices within our company, so we can help design a greener future.”