4Wall Deploys CHAUVET Professional Lights for NCAA Tribute to Frontline Workers

Otis Howard selects CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures, supplied by 4Wall Entertainment, for Miley Cyrus’ tribute to frontline workers at NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament.

Miley Cyrus recently performed between NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament Final Four games, aired on the CBS network, in a tribute to frontline workers and their continued service and sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lighting Designer, Otis Howard called on over 500 lighting fixtures supplied by 4Wall Entertainment in a design that used modern technology to create a dazzling ‘70s style-show.

Included in this mix were close to 200 CHAUVET Professional COLORado 2 Solo fixtures. The par style wash units, which are fitted with three 40 W RGBW LEDs, were positioned directly behind Miley Cyrus along with 44 LED panels.

The creative inspiration for the Miley Cyrus team for the lighting design was from early rock shows like Queen and Led Zeppelin. “One thing we knew we had to have, was a lot of par cans, without having par cans,” joked Howard. “As we started to get deeper into the design, she wanted lighting under stairs, primary colour looks and large washes to really dive deep into the theme of the show.” 

Putting together this show with smaller crews then usual due to the pandemic, Howard leaned on a talented team, asking them to take on multiple responsibilities.

“This was such a collaborative effort in all aspects of the show,” said Howard. “Lighting Director Michael Appel, Lighting Director Stephen Sakowski, and Gaffer Mike Grimes were all crucial elements on the team. 

Howard also spoke about his relationship with 4Wall and long-time friend 4Wall VP of Business Development, Al Ridella.

“I’m happy to have this relationship with 4Wall,” he said. “We have worked on several projects before and during the pandemic, like the NBA bubble, and the gear and people have just been phenomenal. I’ve known Al for a long time, and it is always a pleasure to work with him. I know he has every intention to make sure we have a good show, and I appreciate that. He’s always a phone call away.”