AVL Boxes with HBO After Dark

Audio Visual Live (AVL) recently deployed a VUE audiotechnik al-8 line array system for the HBO Boxing After Dark live broadcast event on 27 January 2018.

Looking to strike the ideal balance of intelligibility, directionality and SPL, AVL identified the VUE line array as the best option for the challenging, low-headroom indoor arena, The Forum, in Los Angeles.

AVL has handled production for many televised boxing events for promoters across multiple networks. This venue has always presented a challenging tradeoff between ideal system performance and size.

As is typical with live-broadcasts, AVL needed a system that could handle a range of material — from high-SPL DJ performances to the ring announcer’s spoken word — all without disruption to the live TV broadcast. Directionality and precision of coverage were also key to avoid covering areas that require lower SPL. Adding to the challenge was a relatively low 30-foot clearance from the top of the lighting truss to the venue ceiling.

“Based on our experience doing in-arena sound for boxing, I can hands-down say that this VUE system is the ideal fit for HBO Boxing,” lauded AVL owner, Dennis Layton. “The al-8’s clarity in the vocal range allows us to put the ring announcers’ voice out into the audience without disturbing the TV broadcast, yet they have enough punch to get the live audience off their seats during DJ sets.”

AVL deployed an all-VUE system consisting of 32 medium-format al-8 elements in four hangs of eight, with eight (2 perched atop each of the 4 arrays) al-8SB flyable subwoofers for low-frequency support. The al-8’s high output-to-size ratio proved the ideal solution to AVL’s long-standing challenge. Each array is just shy of 15-feet in length (including motors, subs and rigging), and easily hidden above the lighting truss. Ten V6 VUEDrive System Engines provided all power and processing, while SystemVUE for iOS enabled real-time monitoring and control.

“There’s a simple reason why AVL continues to invest in the VUE line – particularly the al-Class. Regardless of the complexity or constraints of a project, the versatile VUE al-class system can be easily configured to exceed even the toughest requirements and client expectations — and they just sound spectacular,” concluded Layton.