22Live provides sonic support for Tori Amos: Ocean to Ocean

As 22Live supports the singer-songwriter on her latest tour with its new d&b audiotechnik XSL line array, TPi pays a visit to the Royal Albert Hall to meet the crew behind the latest production.

She began creating Little Earthquakes, went To Venus and Back and is currently travelling and touring Ocean to Ocean. Tori Amos has always stunned audiences with her unique, often quirky but always exquisite style, musicianship and expressive lyrics. Lockdown was a tough time for the live performance and events industry. Amos herself, according to her website, “…descended into an emotional state lower than she had been for a long time.” From this emotional turmoil came her current album Ocean to Ocean, which she is currently touring across Europe and the USA.

The show, which had been in production and performer rehearsals for three weeks, had already completed three dates in the UK before TPi caught up with them at The Royal Albert Hall. It was then to embark on a string of European shows, postponed due to the pandemic, before continuing to the USA.

This article originally appeared in issue #275 of TPi, which you can read here.

Words and Photos: Rob Speight