140 Robe fixtures illuminate Gibonni 

Sven Kučinić harnesses 140 Robe lighting fixtures, supplied by Croatia’s Promologistika and LAV Studio, for Gibonni in Zagreb. Photo: LumiLas

Croatian singer-songwriter and composer, Gibonni played two arena concerts in Zagreb that sold out in minutes, with over 40,000 fans flocking to see the performing artist. Upon arrival, live music enthusiasts were treated to stage and lighting design by Sven Kučinić featuring 140 Robe moving lights.

A series of scenic set pieces were designed by Neven Stojakovic based on the theme of clocks – an idea from Gibonni himself – and time, loosely related to and translated from the title of his latest album. Using these as references, Kučinić added trussing and lighting, and in collaboration with Stojakovic, developed the shapes and placement of the fragmented LED screens.

Kučinić created five inverted T-shaped pendulum-like trusses hanging down from the roof to get lighting positions spread out at different levels, with five different sized and shaped ‘fragmented’ LED screens, part flown, and part ground supported, filling in the lower half of the upstage wall behind the set. 

The lighting supplier was Promologistika, one of Croatia’s largest rental and production companies, which has a large Robe inventory that Kučinić was pleased to tap into. 

Particularly, 24 FORTES, which arrived just in time for Promologistika to get on the gig, along with 24 Spiiders, which were delivered at the same time by Robe’s Croatian distributor, LAV Studio. 

Kučinić positioned FORTES on the over-stage trusses where they were primarily used as effect spots. While they didn’t physically move much, they were a key visual ingredient of the show and Kučinić made full use of their power. “They were perfect for animating the clock set pieces down below,” he explained. 

FORTES were also used to project gobos onto the backdrop which brought depth and width to the stage, and were key fixtures in what Kučinić was determined to keep as a straightforward design – for the practicalities of getting in and out expediently – but also one that was required to do a complex job.

Around 24 of 40 MegaPointes were rigged on four of the pendulum cross bars with the rest on the floor to create beam effects. A central pendulum bar was populated by six Spiiders. A further 12 were positioned along the main front truss in the roof, trimmed at 19m. In addition, 24 BMFL Spots upstage shot down from a lofty position on the rig. MMX WashBeams were scattered around the front truss for ‘specials’, and to boost the cross stage side lighting on each side, there was a bar of six LEDWash 600+ units.

Kučinić purposed a pair of FORTES as manually controlled follows spots, fitted with the LightMaster handle kits, and linked to his MA Lighting grandMA3 console for control. “I definitely could not have done it without all of them,” he said, praising lighting and video supplier, Promologistika. “The kit was in great condition, everyone worked hard and was enthusiastic, which always helps.”

The crew included Video Director, Viktor Krasnic; Head of Lighting, Boris Zigic and Promologistika CEO, Zoran Biškupić. Playback content was designed by Marina Uzelac and co-ordinated, programmed and operated by Head of Video, Kristina Bengez.