100+ ADJ fixtures at the Maestro and the European Pop Orchestra

The Markt in Kerkrade recently witnessed a symphonic spectacle that blended music and light, as The Maestro & the European Pop Orchestra hosted their annual open-air extravaganza: Utilising more than 100 ADJ lighting products. 

Guido Dieteren’s European Pop Orchestra performs a fusion of classical and pop music, accommodating these nuances necessitated fixtures capable of transition between dynamic and subdued lighting.

“Lighting an open-air event of this scale posed unique challenges,” explained Paul Pelen, Director of XYMIO. “The fusion of classical and pop genres demanded lighting versatility, with transitions from delicate harmonies to powerful crescendos. The technical demands were heightened by TV recording requirements and the presence of extensive rigging. ADJ’s lighting solutions, specifically the Focus Profile, Focus Flex, and Encore LP32IP, emerged as the perfect answer.”

17 of ADJ’s Focus Profile LED-powered automated luminaires were utilised in the show’s lighting rig. Hung from angled flown trusses as well as positioned directly on the multilevel stage at various strategic locations, Lighting Designer Maurice Verbeek utilised the versatile fixture’s potent 420W LED engine to cut through the background colour wash and create engaging aerial effects as well as sharp GOBO projections.

“We chose the Focus Profile for its ability to create stunning specials and projections,” elaborated Pelen. “Its array of features – from profile blades and animation wheel to variable CTO and CMY colour mixing – allowed us to craft dynamic visuals that resonated with the music. The impressive light output, combined with near-silent operation, was crucial for maintaining the audiovisual integrity during the live and recorded performance.”

The fixture type deployed on the rig in the greatest quantity was ADJ’s Focus Flex, which XYMIO has recently invested in heavily, placing 60 pieces into its rental inventory. “The Focus Flex, with its adaptability and lightweight design, was the ideal choice,” explained Paul. “Its expansive zoom range and potent LEDs facilitated seamless transitions between focused beams and broad washes. This flexibility, coupled with swift and noiseless movements, make it an invaluable asset for a diverse range of events.”

A significant quantity of ADJ’s lime-infused Encore LP32IP LED wash panel fixtures were used to extend the colours of the stage out into the crowd which filled the Markt. “For public lighting, the Encore LP32IP panels truly shone,” enthused Pelen. “With IP65 rating, high light output, and excellent CRI values, they seamlessly met the demands of TV recording. The inclusion of RGBL colour mixing and interchangeable frost filters allowed us to tailor the lighting to different scenarios and distances.”

Guido Dieteren himself expressed delight at the visual dimension enhancing both the beautiful market square and his orchestra.

Pelen concluded: “In the realm of event technology, ADJ has emerged as a formidable contender. The initial skepticism gave way to astonishment, as recent product releases have demonstrated the perfect balance of professional quality and affordability.”