Young Life Conference Shines With Bandit Lites and Lumina Design

Young Life, a non-profit organisation aimed at encouraging adolescents to seek and grow a relationship with Jesus Christ, recently held its YL2020 conference with a lighting package supplied by Bandit Lites. The event, held every four years, took place at Disney’s Coronado Resort January 5-10, and more than 5500 people gathered to worship, learn, and celebrate the group’s 80-year old mission.

“Ethan Pagliaro initiated the lighting equipment and design in August 2019, reaching out about working with Access Audio and Lumina Design for the Young Life 2020 conference,” said Bandit Lites Client Representative Shawn Lear. “Bandit Lites has partnered with both firms throughout the years on CHIC and other events. With months leading up to the event, we were able to work with the designers to come up with solutions that achieved the design and big looks needed for the venue space.”

Lumina Design worked with Production Manager Ethan Pagliaro to bring a 360 degree stage and maximum trim height of 25 feet to its maximum potential.

“The producers wanted the room to come alive for every guest regardless of their seating; for everyone to feel fully involved in the entire experience,” explained Matt Brewer of Lumina Design. “To help fulfil that vision, we placed a large amount of emphasis on lighting around the perimeter of the room and along truss fingers that jutted out into the space from the stage.”

Key lighting was a specific concern of the conference’s producers, with discussions beginning at the initial design meetings. Lumina Design remained dedicated in their efforts to deliver an exceptional package to the Young Life team. By choosing Bandit Lites, the world’s elite leader in lighting to execute that package, the result was a remarkable system that stood out to the producers and those in attendance.

“Thankfully on the first night of the event, one of the same producers came up to Daniel Smallbone, the LD, and thanked him for taking it so seriously,” said Brewer. “We had delivered what they were hoping for! From there, the instruction was to build a fun, lively experience for every unique performance.”

Bandit Lites supplied more than 230 fixtures for the conference, including Martin MAC Viper Profiles, Chauvet Rogue R2X, Ayrton Ghibli, GLP X4 fixtures and two grandMA 2 Full consoles for control.

“Due to the low trim and only 8.5’ between the stage floor and the video wall above, it was imperative that we had a profile fixture equipped with framing shutters,” Brewer said, noting that the low trim affected key lighting and audience lighting.

“Shawn Lear, our Bandit representative, was able to make available the Ayrton Ghibli, which worked superbly. We were very pleased with what the Ghibli’s provided — whether for keynote speakers, performers, or even the Lion King performance troupe who popped over from Disney.”

“Daniel and Matt are exceptional in their understanding of the lighting palette,” said Lear. “With an array of fixture automation features and intensity, Lumina Design achieved the client’s expectation in creating a warm, interactive space for the audience.”

Lear also suggested Bandit’s newly acquired Chauvet R2X washes. Over one hundred were placed around the room, and their output and canvas of colour delivered exceptional looks.

“Ethan Pagliaro’s big picture management and communication once again made our part of Young Life 2020 a breeze,” said Lear.

“We followed his lead and organization of how to prepare our equipment for specific room deployment and storage. Ethan’s schedules are so detailed for each department and person; the minutiae in anyone’s one day goes without question. Bandit is proud to be included with the integrity and character that Access Audio and Lumina Design bring to these events.”

“Shawn Lear is always a pleasure to work with,” Brewer concluded. “Bandit’s Project Manager Gene Brian is a master at taking the design and ensuring everything functions as needed. The on-hand crew, led by Chris Noll, came in and executed the load-in in less than five hours, which made the producers and PM very happy.”