XD Motion welcomes Andrew Gordon as Chief Commercial Officer

XD Motion has appointed Andrew Gordon as its new Chief Commercial Officer.

Benoit Dentan, CEO of XD motion, explained: “Andrew’s vast expertise, especially in the fields of robotics and automation, aligns seamlessly with our company’s direction. We’re moving beyond being solely service-focused, with eyes set on the future – IO.BOT, the promise of automation, and the boundless potential of our other divisions. We are eager to journey through this transformative phase with Andrew guiding our commercial endeavours.”

Gordon’s enthusiasm towards IO.BOT, resonated with XD motion’s vision of future-driven innovation. He remarked: “I’m deeply excited to be part of the XD motion family. The company’s commitment to services, paired with its innovative strides in robotics, automation, and the military sector, presents boundless opportunities. Together with Benoit and the dedicated team, I aim to steer XD motion into a new era of innovation and industry leadership.”