Just a few years ago, using a five-watt, full-colour laser system was reserved for only large production companies with budgets big enough for large laser lighting rigs. Today, as laser technology has advanced and X-Laser’s product development has evolved, a true five-watt RGB laser system exists at a price point that makes stunning laser beam and graphics displays accessible to more clients than ever. The Skywriter HPX Tour is that system, which offers a solid build and high-quality laser sources to make it a stellar option for both permanent installs and high-mileage touring acts.


“Our Skywriter HPX has been popular with clients who want an all-around, high-power laser system, and the HPX Tour brings that to a new level,” said Adam Raugh, President of X-Laser USA. “We wanted to push the limits of dollars per watt, and we think the HPX Tour will become a standout performer in the market with all it has to offer.”


On top of its five watts of raw power, the HPX Tour brings to the table ILDA-standard 30K precision galvanometer scanners that allow the unit to create sharp graphics projections up to 300 feet away and at sizes up to 100 feet tall. Keeping the HPX Tour cool are six external fans mounted above nearly 500 square inches of heat sink fins, so the projector can run for hours on end, show after show. Furthermore, its sealed optical deck keeps the laser sources and internal components clear from dust and water, giving the unit good weather resistance.


The Skywriter HPX Tour, just like every X-Laser product, is fully FDA certified and eligible for X-Laser’s EZ Variance Kit.