Wonder Works creates panoramic views for Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw kicked off his Standing Room Only tour with a performance at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Working closely with entertainment management company Em.co as well as creative director Mark Cunniffe and lighting designer Pat Brannon, Wonder Works was responsible for bringing McGraw’s creative vision to life, with a supersized panoramic LED Screen, immersive visuals and surround sound audio.

To achieve the scale that McGraw wanted within the parameters of an arena venue, the team used an automation system to track the LED screens horizontally across the stage. This consistedof a downstage screen which splits in two, and tracks up-stage and off-stage simultaneously, to meet with a central up-stage screen, transforming into one huge 32m wide by 8m high panoramic screen that fills the arena.

When the automated screen is down-stage, it hides the band for a clean, slick look and when open it doubles the size of the stage, adding another dimension to the end-on show. ROE’s Vanish V8T Transparent LED panels were also used to create a polished, integrated performance.

Immersive overlaid visuals are created with real-time graphic software, Notch. This video concept enabled video director Mike Tinsley and media server programmer Matt Cromwell to track McGraw live on stage and then manipulate and overlay in real time onto the screens.

Jeremy Lloyd, commented “McGraw and his team wanted something of scale that still needed to fit into an arena venue. The tracking screens were a great solution for adding another dimension to the show – at its widest (32m/105’), this 256sqm panoramic LED screen literally only just fits into each venue and the result is pretty mesmerising.”

With 148 moving lights, 53 LED Strobes, a panoramic screen and interactive visuals, McGraw’s Standing Room Only tour is set to captivate audiences across North America until June 2024.