Wisycom USA Presents High-End Monitoring Solution at NAMM 2019

Wisycom will also Showcase Latest in Wireless RF Systems Ideal for Live Touring

Wisycom USA, which was established in 2018 to grow the Italy-based Wisycom brand throughout the Americas, is exhibiting for the first time at NAMM 2019. The company will present its line of high-end in-ear monitoring solutions and wireless RF systems, which are steadily growing in popularity in the live touring industry.

“Our attendance at NAMM marks the next step in our commitment to growing Wisycom’s presence for the live performance and touring market,” said Jim Dugan, President, Wisycom USA. “Our wireless RF and in-ear solutions are making big waves in the professional live tour world. Currently one of the top in-ear solutions for the broadcast market, our system is being chosen for live performances because of its high level of audio clarity and reliability. We look forward to showcasing our gear throughout the Americas and around the world.”

Among the products being presented at NAMM includes the company’s Wisycom MPR50-IEM Wideband Receiver, a compact, a true-diversity receiver designed for professional in-ear monitoring applications. It features a unique wideband tuning range up to 232 MHz, mono or stereo MPX audio processing and 200 milliwatt headphone amp. Also included are a separate release and attack compander and an FM IFB mode with narrowband modulation to enhance noise immunity and coverage.

With FM stereo mode for MPX decoding; mix-mode and frequency scan functionality; and automatic programming through infrared and micro-USB, the MPR50-IEM provides all the elements necessary for a high-stress touring environment. The receiver’s new ENS compander has been designed especially for musical applications and, generally speaking, for any kind of high dynamic sound. The compact receiver also has an OLED display, dedicated function buttons and the option for AA battery pack or rechargeable lithium pack, which guarantee ease-of-use and reliability.

Also, the transmitter has 2400 user-defined frequencies, which means that the Wisycom IEM system is ideally suited for everything from small sets to large-scale arena tours. The unit also boasts and a reference in/out for ISO-frequencies or multiple coverage zones.

The company will also showcase its new Wisycom MPR52-ENG Dual Channel Diversity Receiver, which includes two built-in diversity receivers with both analogue and digital outputs, and features next-generation multiband front-end filtering and a 790 MHz switching bandwidth in the 470- to 1260-MHz range. Software-selectable wideband and narrowband DSP-FM operation enables reliable use of multiple wireless channels within a tight RF space. The receiver can be conveniently controlled via USB with the Wisycom Manager Software.

The new Wisycom LFA Ultra-Wideband Active Antenna operates in the 410- to 1300-MHz frequency range, and provides antenna gain of 7dBi and adjustable RF Amp gain for maximum dynamic range control. It also features three RF filters, including tunable, fixed and high-/low-bandpass, which can be easily managed through four key navigation buttons and a TFT display. The optional BFA-B/BFA-N Ultra-Wideband Booster offers the same features the LFA does without the antenna element, for in-line filter and booster solution with existing passive antennas. The LFA and BFA can be controlled remotely through the Wisycom Manager 2.0 software or the MAT244, which allows operators to make changes at the receive location.