Wireless DMX In The Palm Of Your Hands

An innovative new concept from ADJ, the Airstream DMX Bridge is a multi-signal Wi-Fi transmitter that enables the wireless in-depth control of multiple ADJ lighting effects from any iOS device via the game-changing Airstream DMX app.

The new Airstream DMX Bridge from ADJ is the perfect wireless DMX control solution, allowing users to operate multiple ADJ fixtures from a distance of 2,500ft, without the hassle of extensive wiring or complicated DMX programming. Not only that, but users can achieve all of this from the screen of their smartphone or tablet, thanks to the arrival of a revolutionary app for iOS.

ADJ’s Airstream DMX Bridge is a Wi-Fi interface designed to work with the company’s innovative new Airstream DMX Bridge app. This intelligent combination of hardware and software enables users to create a single wireless DMX network for their WiFLY-compatible ADJ fixtures, allowing them to send a signal from their iOS device to the lighting fixtures themselves via the Airstream DMX Bridge unit. This gives users the freedom to control their lighting effects and produce spectacular programmed lightshows from the convenience of their handheld device.

Furthermore, ADJ has fitted the Airstream DMX Bridge unit with three-pin DMX outputs, so users can also control their non-WiFLY products from the same app. The Airstream DMX Bridge allows users to control their DMX lighting easier than other control products on the market. The App is easy to learn by someone with little or no DMX experience, yet it has plenty pro features for advanced users as well. Plus, the Airstream DMX App allows users to go wireless. This means quicker, on-the-fly programming with no fuss or messy wires.

From an iPad or iPhone designers may control all their DMX lighting: LED Pars, Moving Heads, stage lighting, GOBO projectors, uplighting and dance floor FX from the simple push of a button. Key features of the Airstream DMX Bridge box include a WiFLY signal indicator on the side panel, allowing users to see how strong the wireless signal is when positioning their ADJ lighting; 14 WiFLY channels, for controlling a wide range of fixtures; and a transmitter which can send signals to multiple receivers using the same radio channel (letting users incorporate numerous WiFLY lighting fixtures within the same DMX network). In addition, these receivers will automatically ‘listen’ for transmitters, so users can instantly get set up and start controlling their wireless lighting, without having to ‘pair’ the effects first.

With the unit also boasting EXR (extended range) WiFLY, ADJ has also ensured that the fixtures within the DMX network can be controlled wirelessly from an impressive distance of up to 2,500ft, using any iOS device. This is perfect for mobile DJs, event organisers and lighting designers who want to generate pure lighting excitement from their convenient position at the DJ booth, behind the stage or from the back of the room, even in the largest of spaces, without having to lay extensive cables or be tied to one position.

Of course, a key aspect of what makes wireless DMX control so easy with the Airstream DMX Bridge is its accompanying app. This new Airstream DMX app offers a lot more than the original Airstream IR app, letting users go much more in depth when it comes to colour selection, head movement and other customisable features, without the need for complex DMX programming through a hardware controller.

The app layout is simple, making it easy to navigate, with five tabs on the main menu; fixtures, channels, effects, scenes and shows. On the fixtures tab users can patch up to 24 fixtures by selecting from a pre-set library of ADJ WiFLY and Elation products, as well as having access to generic configurations (e.g. RGBA or 24-Channel). The channels tab can then be used to access a range of settings for the selected product, so users can do everything from adjusting the colour of individual LEDs to triggering strobe effects or creating unique patterns of movement for their moving heads. The Colour and Pan/Tilt sub menus, meanwhile, can be used to adjust positioning and create custom colour hues, as well as add amber, white and UV to the mix.

Using the app, Shape FX, Colour FX and Flash FX can also be generated and assigned to the user’s fixtures. The Shape FX engine allows moving heads to be assigned with customised movements, giving users the option to draw patterns free-hand, create them using set points or use the pre-set circle shape, all of which can be enlarged or decreased in size to dictate the scope of movement. Meanwhile, in Colour FX the range and speed of color-change patterns can be customised and changed, while the Flash FX section lets users control the intensity and speed of their pulse/strobe effects. These effects can then be tried out using the Loop and Run features on each menu and saved for later when the user has achieved their desired look.

The final two sub menus – Scenes and Shows – simply let users build DMX lightshows to wow their audiences with! The adjustments and effects created and selected using the app can be saved as scenes, of which 24 can be assigned to the slots in the Scenes tab. These scenes can then be used to build an incredibly dynamic and varied lightshow that can be saved to the

Shows tab and used to blow audiences away later! “Our new Airstream DMX Bridge is the ideal product for everyone from mobile entertainers to event organisers to church technicians to small-club lighting designers,” explained Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “If you want multi-fixture wireless DMX control that’s quick and easy to set up but highly reliable and effective during operation, then look no further! Thanks to its game-changing features, like the extended-range WiFLY, and its accompanying iOS app, this affordable but forward-thinking product makes wireless DMX control a possibility for all.”

As well as the reliable wireless DMX network created by the Airstream DMX Bridge and the revolutionary design of the unit’s accompanying app, ADJ has ensured that the new product provides plenty by way of practicalities. With a magnetic bottom plate, users can mount the unit quickly and easily, attaching it to metal fixtures and objects, including trussing and ceiling supports. A quick-lock bracket is also included, allowing the Airstream DMX Bridge to be mounted in a range of positions and on different surfaces, for when using the magnetic bottom plate is not an option.

Along with these convenient practical features, the Airstream DMX Bridge also offers event producers and other mobile users a solution that’s perfect for their on-the-road setups, thanks to its super-low weight of 1lbs (0.4kg) and compact dimensions of five by seven by 2.5in (127 x 178 x 64mm). For lighting users that want to take multiple ADJ effects out on the road – and operate them wirelessly using their handheld device – the Airstream DMX Bridge is the ideal control package!

Innovative, easy to use and available at a budget-conscious price point, the game-changing new Airstream DMX Bridge – and the accompanying Airstream Bridge app – is the perfect way for lighting users to liberate themselves from the hassle of extensive wiring and complex DMX control, while transforming their setup into one that’s wireless, modern and forward-looking. The Airstream DMX Bridge is available now from ADJ USA, and mid March from ADJ Europe.