Waves Audio Introduces Submarine

Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and a leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, introduces Waves Submarine, a two-octave subharmonic generator plugin.

Sub frequencies are the backbone of modern music production. To really feel the music, you need beats, basslines and entire mixes to hit hard below the subsonic belt. Yet, many producers struggle to craft massive sub bass content that remains crystal-clear on large sound systems, without muddiness, artifacts or excess rumble.

Submarine adds bigger, deeper sub bass to your tracks, with unprecedented clarity and low-end accuracy. Powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology, Submarine’s two subharmonic generators deliver well-balanced subsonic results on any large sound system.

Submarine’s two sub generators process your source – kicks, bass, even full busy mixdowns – and cleanly add new subharmonic frequencies up to a full two octaves below the precise frequency range you’ve selected.

The plugin’s innovative Organic ReSynthesis engine strips the original signal down to its core elements – carrier, pitch, formant, and envelope – processes them individually, and then reconstructs the audio to create brand new sub frequencies which retain the exact pitch and time of the original signal.

The result is deep subharmonic content that is clean and musical and naturally blends with your source. The plugin’s pinpoint-accurate Range slider lets you zero in on the exact frequencies from which you want to generate your sub sounds, anywhere between 20–240 Hz – perfect when you want to add subharmonics to a full mix, or to an old-school drum break sample, but only surgically to the kick, not to the snare or to other instruments.

Use the Drive control to saturate the added subs and easily glue them into the rest of the mix. Use the Dynamics knob to go from short transient sub sounds to heavier compression for longer sustained sub notes.

This plugin is a lifesaver when a low-end EQ boost won’t help (because your track lacks low frequencies to begin with), or where psychoacoustic bass enhancers like Waves’ Renaissance Bass plugin won’t be enough (because they work their magic on small speakers, not on big subwoofers). With the Waves Submarine plugin, you can dive as deep as you want, with better clarity throughout the low end.