W E Audio adds two Quantum 338 Pulse consoles to inventory

When DiGiCo announced a new product, W E Audio was the first to jump on board and the Quantum 338 launch was no exception. W E Audio was one the first in the UK to place an order.

W E Audio’s Luke Ireland and Samuel Cooper agreed that there is always the opportunity to find a new DiGiCo convert and providing the full audio package for Seal on his UK and EU tour was a chance to win over another engineer.

“We had one engineer who is firmly rooted in the studio scene,” Cooper explained. “He had used the SD consoles before, but once we showed him the additional capability and functionality of the Quantum 338, especially the new Chilli and Mustard processing, he was taken aback. The added functionality of the screens was another bonus that really impressed him.”

“For someone like me, the offline software is a real bonus,” he noted. “When programming the show file between different venues, or if I have to pick up a different console for example, it makes it so much easier to prep in advance and that makes the whole process smoother. For our monitor engineer, who has been touring for a number of years with high-end artists, and who came from an SD10 and SD12 background, upgrading to the Quantum 338 was incredibly impressive but still familiar, so he got to grips with it really quickly.”

Looking to the future, Ireland is most excited about the Pulse software upgraded for the Quantum 225. “The Quantum 225 with Pulse updates will have all the efficiency of the Quantum 338, but in a smaller unit,” he said. “The other thing that I really like about the Quantum 225 is the dual -purpose screen, which you can configure for KLANG, Waves or for a desktop PC, it’s really versatile.”

Wayne Barker, Managing Director of W E Audio, agreed that the continuing DiGiCo investment has been great for the company, not only due to the high rental returns and customer satisfaction, but for the ongoing relationship that DiGiCo offer their customers. “The team at DiGiCo are a real support to us,” he explained.  “The engineers know that no question will go unanswered, and when you’re out on tour it’s great to have that reassurance.”

Cooper recalled just such a situation. “We did three weeks in July and three weeks in September with Seal,” he continued. “I called DiGiCo support, for just for a couple of questions while we were somewhere in the French Riviera. They were answered straight away and with a follow-up email. That level of support is just one reason why Wayne and Luke made the decision to order two more.”

“DiGiCo is always the right partner for us, so it’s a no brainer,” Ireland concluded. “We’ve also recently acquired a large stock of Martin Audio, so we will carry the full stock of WPL, WPC and WPS products. Taking those out on tour with our DiGiCo consoles is a winning combination.”