VuePix Immerses into a Flow State for Tash Sultana

The Riverstage, supported by Ocean Alley. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

Tash Sultana, a young Australian artist and multi-instrumentalist, who has commanded world attention since their homemade jamming videos went viral, just finished an extensive Australian tour.

The true one-person powerhouse with vocals that shine and resonate through the atmosphere, has brought a highly energetic show back to home soil after playing the World’s biggest stages and festivals.

Ei Productions were engaged to provide the full lighting & visual production for this highly dynamic tour, travelling Australia for the past 2 months.

Young Australian LD Sam Jarousek has been working very closely with Tash on every visual aspect of this extraordinary show. “The stage designs for this tour are all about triangular geometry, “explained Sam. “I actually reversed designed this tour, creating the virtual stage in MA 3D that defied the laws of physics,” he laughed. “I showed it to Tash who really liked it and said, “I want that”. After trying to talk them out of it, Tash still asked if I could just try, so I did”, he explained. “That is where the concept of one big screen, that could take on triangular shapes, arose. And then I just added the lights to the visual package and screen design”, continued Sam. “I love working with all the elements; the screens, the lights, the content and then bringing it all together seamlessly and creating a really unique visual experience for the crowds.”

The designs needed to be flexible enough to cater for all different venues throughout Australia, both indoor and outdoor. “We used our VuePix Infiled ER 5.9mm screens for the gig”, said James Johnson, Lighting Production Manager at ei Productions. “They are lightweight and go together really easily. They are larger panels, with large handles, have a great alignment system, so the installation is super quick. We love working with them, they are really problem free. We didn’t have a single issue throughout the whole run,” commented James.

“The size of the main screen 14m long x 3m high is similar to what we were running in the US”, confirmed Sam, “I continued with the truss and screen angles. There was a couple of venues throughout Australia where we had to straighten up the trusses, which was fine, as it still retained the looks”.

The content for the screens was custom built by Melbourne based artist Pat Fox, who worked with Tash from the concept stages to the final product. “I am running the full visual package from Resolume and a couple of Midi controllers, triggering all of it live, as well as doing lots of internal processing and live effects on the go, just to mess with it and make it fun and cool”, said Sam.

The show is really extraordinary in every aspect. From the moment Tash enters the stage, unleashing highly contagious energy and vocal powerhouse, playing more than 12 instruments throughout the show, with dynamic stage visual elements, the crowds are inevitably completely drawn into the ‘Flow State’. Tash will now be taking the extraordinary show back to the US and then Europe.