Vue Audiotechnik Starts Anew C.T. in Southwest US

Anew C.T. group.

Anew Communications Technology, (Anew C.T.), based in Centennial, CO, has been appointed the sales representative for VUE Audiotechnik in the Southwest region of the U.S. This territory covers California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. VUE is pleased to expand its rep network by adding Anew C.T.’s distinguished sales team and their extensive relationships with commercial AV integrators and design consultants.

Anew C.T. will handle VUE’s entire range of products, from the compact integrator focused i-Class systems, through the industry leading Truextent Beryllium-based h-Class Premium Powered Systems and al-Class Scalable Line Arrays featuring Continuous Source Topology (CST).

“Anew C.T. is proud to be selected as the sales representative firm for VUE in the Southwest,” said Nelson Brugh, President of Anew C.T. “There is great synergy with our current line of video and audio manufacturers, and VUE lets us offer our customers a range of unique, world class products! We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with the VUE team, especially Ken Berger, Michael Adams and Frank Loyko, with their long history of success.”

Brugh has over 25 years of channel management experience in the commercial audio-visual industry. When he started Anew C.T. in 1999, the company initially covered the Rocky Mountain Region; Brugh quickly expanded to cover all of the Southwest. VUE expects significant growth in the territory with the Anew C.T. sales team and its two centuries worth of sales experience, growth and loyalty to its clients.

“Anew C.T. is a superb team of sales professionals with genuine client partnerships that bring integrity and follow-through to everything they do,” said Ken Berger, VUE Audiotechnik CEO. “The company’s top-notch team has an outlook and approach that fits well with VUE’s commitment to building the very best pro audio solutions. We’re pleased to have them serve as our brand ambassador in the Southwest U.S.”