VL3600 on Lainey Wilson’s Red Rocks performance

Mitch Mueller chose VL3600 Profile IP luminaires from Vari-Lite for country singer Lainey Wilson’s debut performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Mueller’s design included 32 Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IPs, whose high output and premium features made it ideal for the design of the outdoor performance. “When I was programming the show, I was looking to do a lot of spot breakup looks with gobos layered with big pan and tilt effects, and the VL3600 played the role perfectly,” explained Mueller. “Not only are they relatively quick for their size, they also have a multitude of different ways to add that texture I look for.”

“The most surprising part of the light for me was the throw and zoom of the light,” Mueller added. “For the Red Rocks show, I had them as my key light and front light fixtures (as well as my spot profile in the overhead rig) to illuminate the band and help provide a general stage wash. They did a great job with overall coverage while also being able to frame in the band cleanly when they needed a little boost.”

“The VL3600s have been a workhorse for PTP since we acquired them this past summer,” adds Andrew Sparks, Co-Owner of PTP Live. “They have been super popular as both sub-rentals on some rather massive international projects as well as our own shows. We were stoked to have them on Lainey’s Red Rocks debut and knew they would pack a real punch to the show. We hope to have them out with Lainey and a few other acts going into 2024.”