VIOSO to Showcase Major New Developments at ISE 2020

VIOSO will return to ISE 2020 with a range of technological and business advancements for attendees. Demonstrations will include a 360° projection dome in partnership with ISE, as well as a high-end Panadome installation for the visitor attractions market.

The company will also announce its new business structure with two separate departments, VIOSO AV and VIOSO Simulation, created to ensure that customer focus continues to be at the heart of VIOSO’s motivation as it grows as a company.

The double walled, inflatable, 75 m² Airdome VR – supplied and manufactured by – will boast a remarkable 360° by 180° spherical projection surface. Measuring 10 metres in diameter and 5 metres in height, the soundproof structure will be located outside the RAI’s Hall 8 entrance. In the dome VIOSO will demonstrate their latest calibration and warping / blending software solutions. Powered by five Barco 4K projectors, the dome will offer a total resolution beyond 6K.

Showcased within ISE’s Innovation Zone is VIOSO’s Panadome. It will play an integral part in DepthQ VR, LightSpeed Design’s interactive VR theme park ride, where attendees will be taken on an aquatic ride without the need for a VR headset.

The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved 1.8 by 2.75 metres VIOSO Panadome screen using three E-Vision Laser projectors, courtesy of Digital Projection. With content synced in real-time the rider will be able to touch virtual objects thanks to mid-air gesture technology, while spectators will be able to also watch the experience from their own perspective.

Emanuel Züger, head of VIOSO AV, commented: “We are excited to showcase how easy to set up and operate our immersive projection solutions are, and how easily they can handle and display very high-resolution content. We endeavour to show ISE attendees that we are not only considering the quality of our visualisation solutions, but ease of use as well.”

VIOSO will also showcase two independent areas on their main stand: VIOSO AV and VIOSO Simulation. Headed by Emanuel Züger, VIOSO AV will continue to realise creative and immersive AV projects. VIOSO AV develops and distributes software solutions such as VIOSO Player, VIOSO Anyblend and VIOSO Integrate, as well as the ready-to-run servers Anystation Nano, Anystation Micro, Anystation Integrate, Anystation Media and Domemaster.

VIOSO Simulation will focus on complex, high-quality simulation systems, with support from VIOSO’s specialised projection software. The department will be headed by Dr Sergey Kovyryalov, who has been managing simulation projects at VIOSO for over four years, and will encompass software such as VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM and the new Sim IG and Sim IG Plus hardware appliances. VIOSO Simulation will also focus on developing solutions for simulation integrators.

“Our clients expect the highest level of expertise and service from us, and we felt the best way to achieve this was to create two entities,” commented Raul Vandenberg, international sales director for VIOSO. “We wanted to ensure our clients knew our team of specialists are there every step of the way for their projects, whether they are Simulation or AV based. We are looking forward to sharing this vision with our customers and prospects, as well as to showcase our latest technological developments with the ISE crowd.”