Video Design Delivers for All Time Low

Photo: Josh Halling

The latest tour by All Time Low saw a run of 5 gigs through the UK before heading off across the Atlantic for some North American dates that takes them through to the end of June.

Veteran LD Jeff Maker designed a high impact show, the back of stage being dominated by a fractured, post-industrial looking LED screen supplied by Video Design.

“I’ve worked with Video Design on and off for the last couple of years”, said Production Manager, Tom Clifford-Loynes. “This short UK tour, all back to backs, has been typical of the service they provide. Great equipment and first-class crew; we’ve had absolutely no issues with any of the hardware. The crew have been wonderful as usual; don’t forget the screen is quite a big piece of real-estate yet here we are 2 hours into loading in on the fourth show, it’s 11:30am and the backline is just being set up before we all break for lunch.”

The screen is used for a mix of content and IMAG, Video Design also providing the 3 camera PPU. “The content is produced by Oliver Hutchinson,” continued Clifford-Loynes. “He has a done a really good job. Between content, the excellent camera images, and the physical impact of the screen shape, they really bring the wow factor to the show. The audience absolutely love it. A good package neatly executed.”