VDC Team helps Lite Alternative expand Coldplay Lighting Rig

Blackburn based Lighting specialists Lite Alternatives has been busy beefing up the stunning lighting rig for supergroup Coldplay.

The company’s MD, Paul Normandale, is the band’s lighting designer and Lite Alternative is supplying the world wide lighting control package and European Lighting equipment for the band’s latest tour.

For the cabling and assemblies, Lite Alternative’s Andy Rhymes turned again to VDC Trading who have supplied the Neutrik Opticalcon MTP Fibre Cables and new custom break out panels. VDC has supplied a further two 150 metres and one 75 metres fibre multicores to enable Rhumes to expand his existing control system to meet the needs of the latest production, linking dimmer positions on stage left, stage right and under the ‘B’ Stage with FOH control.

VDC‘s Adam Jafrabadi commented: “Lite Alternative has kept us busy this year. Most of it custom racks, associated multipin cabling, mains distos and fibre. Luckily for us, this has been ongoing since January and Andy has given us generous lead times which is a luxury in this business.”

VDC also designed and built new custom breakout panels. To go with the expanded fibre system, VDC manufactured new breakout ‘patch’ panels for the control racks, each with an increased number of outputs. Andy Rhymes explained: “The amount and size of equipment required to control a lighting rig of this scale is growing. Working with Adam Jafrabadi, we have developed a system which allows us to route data between multiple control racks using VDC’s VDM multipin connectors on the breakout panels. VDC also supplied a range of opticalCON connectors and patch cables for us to fit to our control equipment so we can use it with the new opticalCON looms.”

He continued: “Working with VDC on a project like this is always a pleasure, Adam, Nick and the technical team’s knowledge of their products, combined with their creative thinking, helps us to develop elegant and practical solutions to our requirements. It’s reassuring to know that when you place an order with VDC it will arrive on time, and be of their consistent high standard.”